Fitting a Rode NT4 to a Rode Blimp

I’d looked around for some information to replace the standard mono XLR connector in a Rode Blimp handle with the stereo connector required by an NT4.

Step 1. Remove the forward grip

Remove the front grip first

This grip is held in by friction but you may need a credit card type plastic lever to help out the tabs if they are a bit sticky. Previous information I found was that both front and rear grips are held in by friction. This is not the case with the Blimp handle I have. You need to be a little careful here as the tabs are moulded as part of the grip. If these get broken you’ll end up with gaffer tape all over the handle.

Step 2. Get ready to move 2 Allen bolts from the front grip

Locate screws and get ready to remove

The rear grip is held in by 2 screws at the front and one screw on the rear. The pair of two screws s highlighted in the photo. Not sure exactly what size these are but the look to be 3mm.

Step 3. Handle split

Rode Blimp handle split

With the handle split into 2 you can see how the rear grip contains the XLR connector. Once the grip is removed, the XLR connector can be slipped out.

The fitting behind the front grip is the fitting for a pole or boom.

To reassemble, either insert your replacement stereo XLR or leave with a hole through for later.

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