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How close do you need to get to record aircraft?

So probably this close.

North American F-86 Sabre, June 2013

Another Cold War jet, a North American F-86 Sabre. Full display here from June 2013 show at Old Warden.

Hawker Hunter T.7

The Hawker Hunter is my favourite cold war jet. This is a T.7 display from this year.

Supermarine Spitfire PR Mk XI, June 2013

Another display from the June Old Warden show this year, a MkXI Spitfire. Features a head on, full speed fly over, worth waiting for! This is the full display, after a short display with Shuttleworth’s Sea Hurricane. Theres a great photo of this Spit on Flickr here

AVRO Lancaster recording, June 2013

No updates for a while so I thought I’d add a few recordings from this year. This is a full display recording of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’s Lancaster at Old Warden this year.  

Things I have in common with Gary Numan

I read in the Observer this week that Gary Numan also like iSequence, his favorite film is The Battle of Britain, and the thing he likes most apart from music, is second world war aircraft. No mention of lurking about at airfields recording aircraft though. Three out of four then, not bad. If Gary’s out […]

Aircraft Sound Recordings By Engines

I’ve updated my aircraft recordings site with a list by engine type. Look no further than for sounds of Merlins and Griffons!

Supermarine Seafire, June 2010

I’ve uploaded a new recording of the Kennet Aviation Supermarine Seafire on my field-recording website. More information available from my field-recording Supermarine Seafire page.

Bristol Fighter, Old Warden 2nd August 2009

The Bristol f.2b Fighter makes one of my favourite aircraft sounds. Each time I record it I discover another facet of the complex soundscape it generates. The sounds the Rolls-Royce Falcon III on this machine makes sounds like the whine of a supercharger when you get downwind of it flying but I think this is […]

EasyJet Flight Safety Briefing

I recorded this safety briefing a couple of weeks ago on the EasyJet bus at Glasgow. The Stewardess recited the whole 2 ish minutes without once looking at any kind of paperwork – impressive. If you are familiar with this recital then you can easily visualise the gesticulations of the flight attendants and the bored […]