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Roland CS-10EM binaural microphone tests

I’ve recently bought a set of Roland CS-10EM binaural microphones. Here are a few test recordings. Monitoring is a strange experience; a strange hollow sounding output which is completely unlike the played back recording. As headphones, these units are OK for a quick review but detail is quite poor. As with all binaurals like this, […]

A4 ‘Sir Nigel Gresley’

Probably my best recording of an A4 chime. The loco Sir Nigel Gresley was the 100th built Gresley Pacific and was completed in 1937, built by the London and North Eastern Railway. All the A4s have a distinctive chime whistle. Recorded on 27th November 2010 using a handheld Olympus LS-5. A windy and cold day. […]

Olympus LS-5 Review – First Impressions

I’ve had an Olympus LS-5 for a couple of days now and these are my first impressions of the unit. The LS-5 is a relatively new addition to the LS 10/11 range of hand-held flash recorders and is visually the same (apart from the unit colour). There was speculation that the LS-5 was a repackaged […]

Things I have in common with Gary Numan

I read in the Observer this week that Gary Numan also like iSequence, his favorite film is The Battle of Britain, and the thing he likes most apart from music, is second world war aircraft. No mention of lurking about at airfields recording aircraft though. Three out of four then, not bad. If Gary’s out […]

Aircraft Sound Recordings By Engines

I’ve updated my aircraft recordings site with a list by engine type. Look no further than for sounds of Merlins and Griffons!

iPad Audio Discussion Forum

I’ve not yet come across anywhere that discusses just iPad audio apps so I’ve created one! Go to the iPad Audio Forum

Tenori-on on an iPad

For those who can’t yet afford a Yamaha Tenori-on but can strangely afford an iPad, there are a few options for getting on a Tenori-on with a small amount of cash. These are some first impressions of a few I’ve tried so far. TonePad This is an iPhone app and scales up to fit the […]

iPad – Mixtikl review

Mixtikl is a generative music/sound creation paid-for application for the Apple iPad. It is also available on a variety of other platforms and handheld devices. I’ve been looking at this for a while to go alongside the other sound creations apps I currently use on the iPad. It does take a bit of getting used […]

Recording problems using iSequence for the iPad?

I’ve been using iSequence on the iPad to do a bit of tracking and sequencing and it’s a fantastic application – the iPad I’m sure will revolustionse alot of audio produciton work – and had some problems using the built in sound recorder. If you too are getting distorted recordings I’ve found a workaround. Power […]

60163 Tornado 26 September 2009

Trackside recording of the Peppercorn 60163 Tornado passing along the old LNER route in Bedfordshire. The recording starts with the sound of the whistle a few hundred yards away and the the locomotive and train passing very close at high speed.