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Classic Aircraft Sound Recordings for iPad

I’ve created an iPad and iPhone friendly site for listening to the most requested sound recordings at The site is available from Aircraft Recordings on Mobile “Optimised” for iPhone OS but should work on everything else too. Let me know what you think!

Creaking Fence

A processed recording of a creaking fence. A good few days last week there were no aircraft flying which meant a good opportunity to record in the backyard. This recording last about eighteen minutes. My intended target, the fence, lost out to repeated calls of an ice cream van. Exploring the sound a bit with […]

The sound of Mars Express

A French amateur radio operator was able to record and convert the signal of the Mar Express probe’s X-Band transmitter into an audio file. More information plus a sample of the recorded sound is available from here. The equipment from an abandoned telecom uplink site used to listen in on the ESA’s Mars Express space […]

Recording using an iPod

Recording using an iPod is something that I have briefly tried and always been a bit disappointed, however a new to me gadget looks like someone is trying to take things seriously with these 2 efforts from Logitec. I must admit. I’ve tried Belkin TuneTalk on my Nano and it was a bit rubbish. Mind […]

60163 Tornado 26 September 2009

Trackside recording of the Peppercorn 60163 Tornado passing along the old LNER route in Bedfordshire. The recording starts with the sound of the whistle a few hundred yards away and the the locomotive and train passing very close at high speed.

Sony PCM M 10

I’m seriously looking at buying a M 10 and have been doing the usual web research and conseqeuntly picked up a few interesting links to reviews, specs and opinions. Here they are. Pricing Thomann Solid State Sound Amazon Product previews and reviews Official Sony PCM M 10 product page Broadcast Engineering’s PCM M 10 product […]

A disappointing holiday

Christmas I look forwards to for a lot of reasons but an extra for me is how unusually quiet it is, making for a good opportunity to record and document the relative silence. This year however was an exception and I didn’t bother. I think there are a couple of reasons for the unexpected extra […]

European Union MP3 Player Sound Level Legislation

Via the BBC, the European Union is proposing changes to MP3 players to prescribe default safe listeing levels for MP3 players. Current legislation mandates that “a statement be put in the instruction manual to warn of the adverse effects of exposure to excessive sound level”. The new proposals would see that the default sound setting […]

Bristol Fighter, Old Warden 2nd August 2009

The Bristol f.2b Fighter makes one of my favourite aircraft sounds. Each time I record it I discover another facet of the complex soundscape it generates. The sounds the Rolls-Royce Falcon III on this machine makes sounds like the whine of a supercharger when you get downwind of it flying but I think this is […]

U.S. Navy Predates SETI

According to a telegram discovered by Letter of Note, the U.S. Navy cooperated with a group of astronomers in 1924 in listening in for any radio communications from Mars. No note is made of any sounds picked up but I can’t help think it would be good to hear the static they more than likely […]