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Fitting a Rode NT4 to a Rode Blimp

I’d looked around for some information to replace the standard mono XLR connector in a Rode Blimp handle with the stereo connector required by an NT4. Step 1. Remove the forward grip This grip is held in by friction but you may need a credit card type plastic lever to help out the tabs if […]

Blue Spiral Lights in skies over Norway

Blue Spiral Lights in skies over Norway. This is being reported by The Sun and Daily Mail but here is a video from YouTube. Aliens, wormholes, rockets or a massive viral campaign to highlight climate change? Draw your own conclusion.

Toshiba Space Chair

This is almost very exciting; a specially manufactured chair launched into space via balloon and videotaped. It’s a publiscity stunt for a new Toshiba video camera. Not much detail on it yet, but I read the following in the printed press (Shortlist, a weekly free paper/magazine handed out in London)  this morning – “The temperature […]

3D Mandelbrot

A little off the beaten track for me, but this reminded me of many wasted hours waiting for my Amiga to render a Mandelbrot image. This is an example of a 3D render of a Mandelbrot series being hosted via skytopia. The “Unravelling of the 3D Mandelbulb” has many more examples. Goodness knows how long […]