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Fitting a Rode NT4 to a Rode Blimp

I’d looked around for some information to replace the standard mono XLR connector in a Rode Blimp handle with the stereo connector required by an NT4. Step 1. Remove the forward grip This grip is held in by friction but you may need a credit card type plastic lever to help out the tabs if […]

Tidying up Zoom H2 files with Perl

This is a small perl script to tidy up your H2 Zoom imported files into an orderable date format. Use at your risk, don’t forget to make a backup first! #!/bin/perl # get files # @files = `ls -al STE*wav`; for (@files) { @filespec = split(/s+/, $_); $time = $filespec[6]; $date = $filespec[5]; $seen{$date.”_”.$time}++; $filename […]