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My new old gear, AT822 meets H2

I been trying out some of my kit recently and dusted off my old AT822 and paired it up with a Zoom H2. No the best sounding chain of gear but I was struck by how good the AT822 sounds even considering the significant noise it produces when working with the H2 (I’m sure it […]

Microphone self-noise

Confusing and technical, working out how much hiss is going to come out of your recording down to the bits you use is important. And difficult to understand. I have a few microphones and combined with different recorders, don’t sound consistent. Issues being all the elements that make up the chain between the noise itself […]

AT822 and NT4 Comparision

I have been asked a few times what then difference is between an AT822 and an NT4. I don’t have any A/B style recordings in sound, but I can offer some opinion based on using them. I won’t dwell on the technical differences as these are quite easy to google but briefly, both are single […]