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Composing for games

Not my usual line of things but a friend of mine who develops online games asked me to develop a few sound files for some game screens for something he was working on. It was a screen based brick game, short playing time, repetitive and above all very, very additive. Some rules I set: must be […]

Blue Spiral Lights in skies over Norway

Blue Spiral Lights in skies over Norway. This is being reported by The Sun and Daily Mail but here is a video from YouTube. Aliens, wormholes, rockets or a massive viral campaign to highlight climate change? Draw your own conclusion.

3D Mandelbrot

A little off the beaten track for me, but this reminded me of many wasted hours waiting for my Amiga to render a Mandelbrot image. This is an example of a 3D render of a Mandelbrot series being hosted via skytopia. The “Unravelling of the 3D Mandelbulb” has many more examples. Goodness knows how long […]

Wembley Stadium Fans, England 5, Croatia 1

The sound of fans leaving Wembley Stadium on 9th September following a winning World Cup qualifying match. Not my usual thing.

Social Media affects the Spy business

Computer Weekly is carrying an interesting story saying that the UK intelligence services are concerned about how social media platforms are making it increasingly difficult to recruit anonymous personnel. Anyone with a Facebook account automatically has images in the public domain and is associated with a variety of organisations and other people, making it difficult […]

Renaming Files using Applescript

I seem to keep rewriting my file utilities each time I move from PC to Mac, C to Perl and back and now Applescript. Zoom devices are still lacking the ability to save files using time and date stamps. Arguably this is not an issue using the BWF format, however standard directory applications don’t read […]