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Bristol Fighter, Old Warden 2nd August 2009

The Bristol f.2b Fighter makes one of my favourite aircraft sounds. Each time I record it I discover another facet of the complex soundscape it generates. The sounds the Rolls-Royce Falcon III on this machine makes sounds like the whine of a supercharger when you get downwind of it flying but I think this is […]

Hawker Demon, August 2009

Another recording on my new web site http://www.field-recording.org.uk/hawker-demon-august-2009/

Hunting-Percival Jet Provost T.3 / BAC Strikemaster

The BAC Strikemaster is the same aircraft as a Jet Provost (the piston version being recorded elsewhere in this blog). As a militarised trainer, the aircraft looks very aerobatic in display. Powered by a Rolls-Royce Viper Mk.535 turbojet producing 3,410 lbf (15.2 kN). Doing a bit of digging around using the aircraft serial number, this […]

Ryan PT-22 Recruit, 2nd August 2009

Another recording of the pair of PT-22 Recruits based at Old Warden. I was contact by a guy from the US who actually flies one of these in his spare time asking for me to send him some recordings, which of course I have. The PT-22 Recruit was the first trainer aircraft to be used […]

Hawker Sea Hurricane & Mk1 Hurricane Display

A Mark 1 Hurricane and Sea Hurricane displaying in formation. Not something you see or hear everyday! The Sea Hurricane is operated by the Shuttleworth Collection and the MK1 Hurricane (R4188) is a Battle of Britain veteran aircraft. More information about R4188 is available from here. Some interesting information linking these two machines from the […]

DH.88 Comet 'Grosvenor House' G-ACSS

This is a recording made last year (3rd August) of the DH.88 Comet ‘Grosvenor House’ starting up prior to a taxi at Shuttleworth. A few times a year the aircarft is started up and taxiied but not flown. A while back a runway extension was made to the airfield which I thought was to support […]

North American Harvard Trainers

Sound of a pair of Harvard trainers chasing around Old Warden. Harvards have a very particular sound as like a Stearman there is no gearing between the engine and propeller which consequently moves very fast, with the propeller tips breaking the speed of sound as they turn.

North American F-86A Sabre

A recording of a North American F-86A Sabre made of 5th July 2009. This aircraft has been in the UK for a few years but will probably be sold to a US buyer by the end of the year. This aircraft is the oldest flying jet engined plane (according to the commentator during the display). […]

Douglas Skyraider, Old Warden 5th July 2009

The roar of a Douglas AD-4NA Skyraider (G-RAID) over Old Warden last weekend. Powered by a Wright Cyclone 3350-26WA radial engine. The aircraft is a true combat veteran and is operated by Kennet Aviation based at North Weald.

Seafire, Sea Hurricane, Corsair, Wildcat

This is one of my favourite recordings. Completely by suprise a formation of Hawker Sea Hurricane, Supermarine Seafire, Grumman F4F Wildcat and a Vought Corsair flew over as a prelude to a naval themed display at Old Warden, 3rd June 2007. This recording was taken using minidisc and an AT-822 so dynamics are limited to […]