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Classic Aircraft Sound Recordings for iPad

I’ve created an iPad and iPhone friendly site for listening to the most requested sound recordings at field-recording.org.uk. The site is available from Aircraft Recordings on Mobile “Optimised” for iPhone OS but should work on everything else too. Let me know what you think!

Supermarine Seafire, June 2010

I’ve uploaded a new recording of the Kennet Aviation Supermarine Seafire on my field-recording website. More information available from my field-recording Supermarine Seafire page.

Bristol Fighter, Old Warden 2nd August 2009

The Bristol f.2b Fighter makes one of my favourite aircraft sounds. Each time I record it I discover another facet of the complex soundscape it generates. The sounds the Rolls-Royce Falcon III on this machine makes sounds like the whine of a supercharger when you get downwind of it flying but I think this is […]

P-51 Mustang, Janie, August 2009

A sound recording of P-51 Mustang “Janie” recorded in August 2009. And a spectrogram of the recording.

Hawker Demon, August 2009

Another recording on my new web site http://www.field-recording.org.uk/hawker-demon-august-2009/

Hunting-Percival Jet Provost T.3 / BAC Strikemaster

The BAC Strikemaster is the same aircraft as a Jet Provost (the piston version being recorded elsewhere in this blog). As a militarised trainer, the aircraft looks very aerobatic in display. Powered by a Rolls-Royce Viper Mk.535 turbojet producing 3,410 lbf (15.2 kN). Doing a bit of digging around using the aircraft serial number, this […]

Hawker Sea Hurricane & Mk1 Hurricane Display

A Mark 1 Hurricane and Sea Hurricane displaying in formation. Not something you see or hear everyday! The Sea Hurricane is operated by the Shuttleworth Collection and the MK1 Hurricane (R4188) is a Battle of Britain veteran aircraft. More information about R4188 is available from here. Some interesting information linking these two machines from the […]

Supermarine Seafire 3rd June 2007

A recording of a Supermarine Seafire taken on 3rd June 2007. The aircraft was displaying as a naval group (Sea Hurricane, Corsair, Wildcat) at Old Warden. Recorded using a minidisc and an AT-822. The mp3 version doesn’t do the recording justice (despite high VBR bitrate) unfortunately. If you’d like copy of the original uncompressed version […]

Bristol Fighter, 7th June 2009

Another recording of the fine Bristol Fighter based at Old Warden. Recorded 7th June 2009.

BAe Hawk Trainer

Hot off the press this afternoon, a 30 second clip from a BAe Hawk flying low and fast at Old Warden. The recording was quite loud but not as loud as some of the piston powered aircraft this afternoon (the Hawker Tomtit for example). I usually record with about 20db of headroom and had plenty […]