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Microphone self-noise

Confusing and technical, working out how much hiss is going to come out of your recording down to the bits you use is important. And difficult to understand. I have a few microphones and combined with different recorders, don’t sound consistent. Issues being all the elements that make up the chain between the noise itself […]

Renaming Files using Applescript

I seem to keep rewriting my file utilities each time I move from PC to Mac, C to Perl and back and now Applescript. Zoom devices are still lacking the ability to save files using time and date stamps. Arguably this is not an issue using the BWF format, however standard directory applications don’t read […]

Left or right ear?

An interesting article in the Telegraph relates new research leading to the opinion of scientists that the right ear can influence the listener more than the left ear. I wonder if this can be used to any advantage when recording or processing found sound?