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Supermarine Seafire, June 2010

I’ve uploaded a new recording of the Kennet Aviation Supermarine Seafire on my field-recording website. More information available from my field-recording Supermarine Seafire page.

P-51 Mustang, Janie, August 2009

A sound recording of P-51 Mustang “Janie” recorded in August 2009. And a spectrogram of the recording.

P-51 Mustang, Marinell, Little Grandsden, August 2009

Sound recording of a recently rebuilt P-51 Mustang “Marinell” at the 2009 Little Gransden Airshow. And a spectrogram of the recording.

Ryan PT-22 Recruit, 2nd August 2009

Another recording of the pair of PT-22 Recruits based at Old Warden. I was contact by a guy from the US who actually flies one of these in his spare time asking for me to send him some recordings, which of course I have. The PT-22 Recruit was the first trainer aircraft to be used […]

Hawker Sea Hurricane & Mk1 Hurricane Display

A Mark 1 Hurricane and Sea Hurricane displaying in formation. Not something you see or hear everyday! The Sea Hurricane is operated by the Shuttleworth Collection and the MK1 Hurricane (R4188) is a Battle of Britain veteran aircraft. More information about R4188 is available from here. Some interesting information linking these two machines from the […]

North American Harvard Trainers

Sound of a pair of Harvard trainers chasing around Old Warden. Harvards have a very particular sound as like a Stearman there is no gearing between the engine and propeller which consequently moves very fast, with the propeller tips breaking the speed of sound as they turn.

Hawker Sea Fury

A Hawker Sea Fury recorded on the 7th August 2005. See also [post="hawker-sea-fury-fast-approach"], recorded at the same display. More Sea Fury sounds here: http://www.field-recording.org.uk/hawker-sea-fury/ Photo below taken by me during the display.

Supermarine Seafire 3rd June 2007

A recording of a Supermarine Seafire taken on 3rd June 2007. The aircraft was displaying as a naval group (Sea Hurricane, Corsair, Wildcat) at Old Warden. Recorded using a minidisc and an AT-822. The mp3 version doesn’t do the recording justice (despite high VBR bitrate) unfortunately. If you’d like copy of the original uncompressed version […]

P51 Jumpin Jaques

“Jumpin Jacques” is a North American Mustang (S/N 44-72035) P-51D-20-NA, built at North American’s Inglewood facility in California. Recorded at Old Warden, 7th June 2009. Operated by Hanger 11, based at North Weald, Essex, UK.

Hawker Sea Hurricane 3rd May, 2009

This is a recording made at Old Warden on 3rd May of their resident Hawker Sea Hurricane. This is a longer recording than I usually post and has a bit of work applied to it – a windy day. The Hurricane is still filling in for the finale their whilst the spit is undergoing an […]